Natural tan leather

Veg - leather seems to coming back in customers attention.

It was for ages defeated by the  « au chrome » qualities because of their impressive flexibility.

Veg tan leather 3.jpg

The Tanning 

Process designed to transform the skin into leather by adding tanning factors solution (tannins). It becomes rot-proof. Maceration delays are reduced now. Before it took 2 years to tann some skins. Today, it takes only few days for the same result. The using of powders concentrated in Quebracho or Mimosa extracts instead of traditionnal oak bark increases the action of tannin. As the using of rotary fullers instead of pits and tanks. The kind of tannin using characterizes the obtain leather : Chromium salts (the more used) or veg-tannin. The simply tanned leather is ranked by choice levels. Sometimes it is commercialized at this stage.



It's to avoid the using of heavy materials, specially the Chromium. More rigid, solid and resisitant , the veg-leather shows a good stability and a better humidity absorption. It is the perfect material for protective clothing, saddlery accessories, inner and outer soles, belts and bags. 



The particularities of this leather are physical and attractives. Wanted for its authenticity, it is less covered and pigmented. Which highlights its "soft" and sensual touch.  Its bigger originality is Its weak stability to the UV rays. Naturally pinky beige, it goes darker with the daylight and evoluates to the brown when aging. This patina is the main attraction of the veg leather.