All our creations are made in a workshop in Tours which has been awarded the national label "EPV" (Living French Heritage Company) and one of the two main activities is the craft work.

The "Made in France" represents a guarantee of undeniable quality. Our commitment is to support the local economy but above all to preserve the know-how. This know-how that can be read on each piece gives it a soul.

The edges are finished with a layer of gum arabic, and is lustered with a soft cloth to make it shiny and waterproof. Gum arabic is made with bark of acacia or oak, it is practically colorless to let appear the natural color of the leather.

The manufacture of our products is semi-artisanal using know-how coming from saddler harnesses. The assembly of all parts is made manually with parts of the product sewn entirely by hand.

All components are carefully chosen so that they are environmentally friendly.