The Beginning


Stéphanie was born in New Caledonia from an Indo-Vietnamese mother and a West-Indian father. One was born on an island and the other one in Toulouse. Stéphanie, who was born from this premature and passionate union was soon adopted at the age of one by her new dad, born in Madagascar and was warmly welcomed by her new family . While growing up Jean Paul becomes an inspiration to Stephanie as he is saddler and loves creating, fixing and restoring things. Thirsting for independence and adventure she leaves very early the family cocoon. It was the beginning of many lives forged through travel and encounters. d'indépendance et d'aventure elle quitte très tôt le cocon familial. Ce fut le début de nombreuses vies forgées au travers des voyages et des rencontres.  this was a beginning of several lives through which journeys rub shoulders with meetings. 


Paradise lost in the darkest depths of Pacific, Stéphanie grows up in New Caledonia until the age of 19 years old before leaving for Southeast Asia to start her professional career as purchasing agent. She falls in love with Bali also known as « the Island of Gods » and settled there for 7 years. She created her ready-to-wear brand, marketed mainly in Asia and the United States, before feeling devoid of interest and a fundamental need for new horizons.


The radical changement of environment , the vibrant energy, the diversity and the cultural wealth of London, awakened all the senses of Stéphanie and stimulates her sleepy inspiration.  But with a life at 300 % forward speed it’s not easy to develop the idea which interfered in her head three years later, the one of creating a hybrid brand mid-fashion, mid-design, mid-lifestyle, around social and environmental values which matter to her.


Here are 7 years that Stéphanie lives in Londonwhen she decides to take a year offand take at trip to South America. Sailing through her desires and meetings, she succumbs to Buenos Aires’ natural and sweet charm and resides there for 6 months. It’s there when she came with the idea to call her new brand « Quinoa », a Incas’ sacred plant calledCHISIYA MAMA, which can be directly translated as « SEED MOTHER » 


When she is called by her family in France, in 2008, there was no fore-warning of the crush that she would have for Paris. It is here that she decides to put down her suitcases of nomads, plant the little seed "Quinoa" and give life to her project.


The encounter with Sha Zhou, who joined her to launch the project, was love at first sight. Their difference was their strength and they launched Quinoa Paris together in December 2013 before splitting up in July 2016.