The shipping cost depends on the size & weight of the parcel order and the country place of delivery. Options with the delivery cost is suggested in the basket after going through the first buying step after checkout and entering your email address and it is subject to the approval of the Client prior to the validation of his Order.

It is recommended that the Client carefully complete all the fields of the delivery form and indicate a fixed telephone number and / or mobile phone number on which he can be easily reached.

The products are shipped to the delivery address that the Client has indicated during the ordering process. Quinoa Paris cannot be held responsible for any errors of seizure and their consequences in terms of delays or errors of delivery. In this context, all costs incurred for redirection will be borne by the Client.

The cost of shipping differs depending on the weight and delivery area of the package.

FRANCE: average 5-15€ 

EUROPE: average 10-20€ 

INTERNATIONAL ASIA: average 30-40€


Those cost are given as information only and are not contractual.



The delivery time is stated in the product descriptions, and it is specific to each product. In the event that the delivery time differs from one Product to another, the Client has the choice of opting for partial deliveries which would involve logistical preparation costs and additional shipping costs which would be stated and charged to the Client in Opting this choice. If the Client opts for a one-time delivery, he will receive his Order according to the latest delivery date.

If the Client wishes to delay and/or modify the delivery date, he shall contact and notify the Customer Service by e-mail, as soon as possible. The Customer Service will notify the Customer of the possibility or not of a such modification of the delivery date.



If you suffer a significant delay in delivery without notice from QuinoaParis, the Client is entitled to demand withdrawal of the order in accordance with the provisions of article L.114-1 of the Consumer Code, provided that the delay in delivery is not imputed to the Client, especially in the event of unavailability to reception the package, in such a case QuinoaParis can not be held responsible.

QuinoaParis and the delivery company can not be held responsible for an impossibility of delivery in the following cases:

- Due to an inaccuracy on the information provided by the Client

- Difficulty of access

- Error in the address of delivery


All additional delivery costs related to the mentioned access difficulties must be validated and settled by the Client in advance. In case of return of parcels by the carrier, caused by:

- Inappropriate and/or incomplete information provided by the Client

- Client's absence at the time of delivery

- A non-response to the calling card of the carrier

New delivery charges may be invoiced by QuinoaParis to the Client before proceeding with the reforwarding of the Order. It should be noted that some of our delivery companies do not guarantee a rise to the floor and only deliver parcels to hand at the entrance of the residence of the addressee. 



Before signing the delivery note and/or if the external appearance of the package is not perfect and/ or in any case, the Client or the recipient of the order must proceed to the opening of the parcel in the presence of the Carrier to verify that damage does not affect products of his order.

Any anomaly concerning delivery (damage, missing product in relation to the delivery note, damaged parcel, deteriorated items ...) must be indicated on the delivery note in the form of "handwritten reserves", accompanied by the signature of the Client. The Client must inform Customer Service by e-mail to or by phone.

• In case of justified anomaly (s), the Client's can refuse the parcel and he must precisely write the nature of his reservations on the delivery note. These reservations must be handwritten, dated, detailed and accompanied by a signature on the delivery note. For example, "damaged item" is not sufficiently explicit. The Client must inform the nature of the damage: scratches, stains, etc. Similarly, if a delivery error is found, the Client must specify the nature of the error: bad color, incorrect description, incorrect reference, etc.

• In case of error or damage, the Client must refuse the product and send his reserves within five (5) days by e-mail to Customer Service

• In case of an anomaly and/or damage related to the delivery observed after signing the delivery note, the Client must contact Customer Service by email and registered letter in order to inform him precisely of the anomalies and Initiate the return procedure.

In case of a refusal and/or return of  an order for explicit reasons, the Client may submit a new request for delivery or the cancellation of his order. Any refused order must be returned to the carrier as a whole and in its original packaging.

In case of withdrawal of the Client, within 7 days it can return his order in the state and its packaging of origin and request an exchange. All shipping fee will be bound by the Client. The Client can obtain a credit note but it will not be refunded.

If the Client does not express any concerns under 7 days, the delivered order is deemed satisfactory and can not be the subject of any subsequent dispute.



All orders are payable in Euros. To settle your order, the CLIENT has the choice between the following payment methods:

- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

- Paypal account

- Bank transfer

Any payment shall be regarded as final only after full and complete collection of the sums due. The processing and shipping of the order takes place only after verification of the method of payment and receipt of the debit authorization of the bank card, PayPal account or bank transfer.

If a payment fails within 10 days of sending the order confirmation in spite of one or more reminders by e-mail, Quinoa Paris is entitled to declare the unilateral resolution of the contract and cancel the order. In case of cancellation of the contract, Quinoa Paris is no longer obliged to deliver the goods ordered; No right shall arise from the contract for either party.

The delivery cost is not included in product price; It is added to the amount in the ordering process (see section "Delivery cost").

The Client agrees to receive invoices exclusively in electronic form.