Why the name  "Quinoa"? 

The seed is a symbol of Life and Quinoa is this little seed like no other!

It was a symbol of fertility and abundance for the Incas who planted during a ritual with a gold shovel. They called it the « Mother Grain ». This exceptional small seed is omnipresent today and carries with it the beautiful story that goes back thousands of years.

It's her way of leaving that inspired Stephanie the name and philosophy of Quinoa, anchored between tradition and modernity. 


Are all Quinoa Paris products made in France? 

Although raw materials such as natural tanned leather are manufactured in Italy, and Germany for the recycled leather; All our products are manufactured in France.


What is natural tanning? 

Natural tanning is an ancient technique that craftsmen tanners are transmitted from generation to generation. If today, tanneries have tools and machines, which replaced the traditional wooden barrels and tanks, the quality of tanning is still based on a single factor: time.

Indeed, this process requires a lot more patience than conventional mineral tanning: up to 18 months in tanning!

Natural tanning is the most environmentally friendly tanning process . No chemicals involved in its composition, only natural components: natural tannins extracted from wood, bark, fruit and leaves ....

This process is the only guarantee of unique quality leather while maintaining its natural look.


What is bonded leather most commonly named recycled leather? 

The recycled leather is made from genuine leather scraps combined with other components. Its composition and its actual content of genuine leather, can vary according to manufacturers.

Recycled leather used by Quinoa contains 70% real leather, 20% natural latex, 10% of natural resin, oil and organic dyes. Only natural components


The natural tanned leather and recycled leather are they real leather? 

The natural tanned leather is 100% real genuine leather. The one we use is a full grain European calfskin leather (mainly French and Italian).

The recycled leather is bonded leather. It contains over 60% of real leather, however it is not a full-grain leather and will not be as strong as real leather.  


Why choosing the natural tanning leather instead of chrome leather? 

- The leather tanning industry is not what is best for the environment but authentic natural tanning is the most environmentally friendly process for tanning leather while the chrome tanning process is highly toxic for the environment and for people working on this process.

- In contrast to the chrome tanning, the natural tanned leather patina and therefore aged well over time.

- The natural tanned leather has unique characteristics, preserving the natural defects and markings related to the skin. A contrario chrome leather tanning through its perfect appearance loses the natural.

- In fine natural tanned leather process would provide more satisfaction to you and the environment.