The « Quinoa »


The Inca called it « The Mother Grain », for it was a symbol of abundance and fertility.
They used a golden staff to plant the quinoa seeds, to thank the Gods for this sacred gift.
It has since been carrying the message of the past and the energy from the future throughout the world. 

The story of the quinoa has inspired our French designer brand Quinoa Paris
to create timeless and minimalist products using only high-quality and environmental-friendly materials.

We believe in an ethical luxury.




The brand "Quinoa Paris"


Quinoa Paris is a hybrid brand, a cross between design and fashion, spiced up with different cultural influences,
such as architecture, graphic design or photography.

And this is how the first " Bouton de Col " collection was created:
as a big family of high-quality leather bags and baskets, each with their own name, personnality and use. 

The collection is based on a simple concept:

the family members are made out of a single die-cut piece of folded veg-tan or recycled leather held together by solid brass screwback button studs.  
No seam = less chances of breaking.

Now for the fun part: the basket of the lifestyle collection designed for the home are self-assembly.
Moreover, you can customize your bag by choosing from various interchangeable accessories
to organize the inside of your bag, according to your needs. 

Materials and Manufacturing methods

We believe that quality must be at the heart of our design process. This is why we choose only high-quality material and manufacture our products in specialized workshops in France, perpetuating the French know-how. Only the veg-tan leather comes from Italy and the recycled leather from Germany, both from certified tanneries.